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In September 2010, ACO Marine certified KHANRAWEE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. to be an authorized dealer in Thailand.
IMO has adopted resolution MEPC 159(55) with revised guidelines for effluent standards and performance test procedure for sewage treatments plants .
The ACO Maripur and ACO Clarimar range of wastewater and sewage treatment plants are fully certified to the IMO MEPC 159(55) standards.
the highest standard of wastewater treatment plants for all marine applications.
Type Approved to IMO MEPC 159(55)  and MED Module B.
The combination of a biological process with ultra-filtration – without the need for final clarification or additional disinfection (e.g. chlorination and/or UV filtration) – meets and exceeds the quality standards of IMO/MARPOL, HELCOM, USCG, US CFR40.133, Australian ADNOC and Australian
ACO Maripur is manufactured using only high quality 316 stainless steel.
Simple automated operation requires minimal operator intervention and maintenance.
Modularization - wastewater transfer pumps and vacuum collecting systems can be shelf mounted onto ACO Maripur body.
Designed to treat all wastewaters (black and grey water) in one reactor reducing the need for more costly, heavier and larger alternative solutions.
Retrofit options. ACO Maripur is available in modular sections to allow easier access to installation site.
extended aeration and settling system.
Using the activated sludge principle, ACO Clarimar effectively accelerates the natural biological processes. Final stage chlorination followed by discharge de-chlorination prod.
Type Approved to IMO MEPC 159(55) and MED Module B.
Compatible with both gravity and vacuum collection systems.
Automated liquid chemical disinfection and de-chlorination produce an effluent suitable for discharge at sea.
Manufactured entirely in the EU entirely from high performance composite materials which, unlike coated black steel.
Modular design concept for simple installation requiring only one power connection, even when a direct mounted vacuum collection system is used.
Simple automated operation requires minimal operator intervention and maintenance.
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